Document Overview

There is a list of documents about Vald.
Let's try to check the documents that you want to know.


Overview shows the concept of Vald and mentions the top level design of Vald.


Tutorial takes you Vald World!!!
You can deploy Vald in your Kubernetes cluster and running Vald with sample code.


Usecase supports you to imagine how to use Vald for your services.
Also, you can get the introduction examples.

User Guides

If you'd like to configure for your Vald Cluster or wonder how to operate, you can find out the answer from these documents.


Vald provides Insert, Update, Upsert, Search, and Delete APIs.
Each API to use with gRPC for request to the Vald Cluster.
Each document describes the definition of API, which helps you to use Vald Official Client.


When you encounter any problem, please refer to these documents and try to resolve it.


We are welcome to contribute to Vald even not as a developer.
Please make sure, how to contribute to Vald.


When wondering anything about Vald, please contact to us via Slack or Github.