Mirror Configuration

This page describes how to enable mirroring features on the Vald cluster.

Before you use the mirroring functions, please look at the Vald Mirror Gateway document for what you can do.


  • Vald version: v1.8
  • The number of Vald clusters: 2~


This chapter shows how to configure values.yaml to enable Vald Mirror Gateway and how to interconnect Vald Mirror Gateways.

The setting points are the followings:

  1. Enable the Vald Mirror Gateway using Helm values configuration
  2. Interconnect Vald Mirror Gateways using the Custom Resource configuration

Helm Values Configuration

The Helm values configuration is required for each Vald cluster to be deployed.

It is easy to enable the mirroring feature.

    enabled: true

If you want to make more detailed settings, please set the following parameters.

      # gRPC client configuration (overrides defaults.grpc.client)
      client: {}
      # The duration to register other Mirror Gateways.
      register_duration: "1s"
      # The target namespace to discover ValdMirrorTarget (CR) resource.
      # The default value is its own namespace.
      namespace: "vald"
      # The group name of the Mirror Gateways (optional).
      # It is used to discover ValdMirrorTarget resources (CR) with the same group name.
      # The default value is empty.
      group: "group1"
      # The duration to discover other mirror gateways in the same group.
      discovery_duration: 1s
      # The colocation name of the data center (optional).
      colocation: "dc1"

The cluster role configuration is required when you deploy Vald clusters with Vald Mirror Gateway on multiple Namespaces in the Kubernetes cluster.

Please refer to Cluster Role Configuration about cluster role settings for Mirror Gateway.

Custom Resource Configuration

The Mirror Gateway is not connected to other mirror gateways when deployed.

The Vald Mirror Gateway connects to another Mirror Gateway component specified in the ValdMirrorTarget resource (Custom Resource).

Based on this resource, if the connection succeeds, the Mirror Gateway will interconnect with another.

apiVersion: vald.vdaas.org/v1
kind: ValdMirrorTarget
  name: mirror-target-01
  namespace: vald-03
    # The group name of the Mirror Gateways.
    group: mirror-group-01
  # Colocation name. (optional)
  colocation: dc1
  # The connection target to another mirror gateway.
    # The hostname.
    host: vald-mirror-gateway.vald-01.svc.cluster.local
    # The port number
    port: 8081

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