This page shows the introduction of the Vald SDKs.

Client Libraries

Vald provides the official SDKs as client libraries. You can use Vald SDKs to request something to Vald, e.g., Insert, Update, Upsert, Search, Remove, and so on. Also, Vald publishes the gRPC protobuf; you can use any languages you want, even if Vald does not provide an SDK.

Official SDKs

Here is the list of Official SDKs.

How to use SDKs

If you use the client libraries provided by Vald, you can try it quickly. There are only a few steps to use like the followings:

  1. Import package
  2. Create the client
  3. Set configurations, then send a request
  4. Something you’d like to do

For more information about the SDKs, please refer to each SDK’s page.

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